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Zakariah Piasta

I value integrity and humility in the kitchen. I believe that a team working in an environment they respect generates a strong sense of pride and translates into quality production on a daily basis. I have fine dining experience gained from working with mentors who have molded me into a hard-working and talented chef over the past 10 years. I specialize in all aspects of food production from creating 4, 7, and 10+ course prix fixe menus, to large volume fast paced catering events. Eating should be as much an experience as it is a basic part of day to day life, however free of pretentiousness and ego. All in all, my philosophy about food is simple. Every ingredient is unique, and their preparation should encompass the best possible representation of the essence of its nature, served in a straightforward and elegant manner.


Haley Clyburn

I found my passion for baking when I was 16 years old and from there I worked hard to get into the Lane Community College Culinary Arts and Hospitality program. With that degree I have worked in many bakeries and restaurants in Lane county. The experience and knowledge I have gained has led my partner and I to open up Uumami Mediterranean. We have made visits to Canada and fell in love with the food and wanted to bring a part of that back with us to Eugene and let other people enjoy the culture and food. I hope I can delight you with the delicious pitas and desserts we will be offering. Please come get to know us and enjoy fresh and local food!

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